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My friend account has been closed

hi there,
my friend fiverr account has closed by report from his buyer, his account have more than 2k reviews and closed 3 days ago. He said cause “miss understanding on sending delivery” with his buyer. I need to know how to sort this business. I need your suggestion guys for helping my friend. thank you

with regards,

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Nobody on the forum can help with this as we are just buyers and sellers. Tell your friend to contact Customer Support. The link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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yes,too sad this thing happens contact customer support for this

Sorry to hear about your “friend” but contact support, no one on the forum can help you recover your account.

Yeah bro, thanks
Just need suggestion how to describe to customer support. Because they still close his account after give some clarification.

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Creating a new account is just violating terms again :confused:

Give support a message and see what they say but i would do my best to avoid breaking TOS again

Thanks for your all comments guys, nice to meet you :pray: