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My friend get a warning and his account disabled with more 1k order

hello my friend get warning and his account with more 1080 orders complete and 800 reviews was disabled and when he contact support they told him they will answer him in email if they will back his account or not the question is ?
what time they will answer him ? because he waiting more then 1 week and no answer ? who can help!
and if he can get possible to back his account


None of us know that. We’re just buyers and sellers like your friend.

CS is overloaded right now because everyone and their sister is trying to sell on Fiverr now because of social distancing. A seller who has broken the ToS is going to be low on their triage. If your friend has a problem with that, he shouldn’t have broken the ToS.


hello my friend the problem is about the buyer its his mistake not my friend mistake but fiverr didn’t her from my friend and just sent him warning and he didn’t know what he should to do if you can help

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No seller gets a warning for a buyer’s mistake…

What is the warning for?


warning about empty or not complete delivery but its not empty and its complete

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How do you know that it was actually complete if it’s your friend and not you?


he cant me every think and his English not that perfect

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I think you and your friend have something in common.

No idea what you’re trying to say.

In any case, you’re assuming that is a mistake but your friend could easily be lying to you or have misunderstood what is required of him. That can easily happen when you can’t communicate with a buyer properly because your English is poor.

So don’t say:

Because you can’t possibly know that without breaching the confidentiality of the buyer.

Your whole complaint in this post is based on assumptions you can’t corroborate.


i told you he have more 1k orders complete thnks anyway for your help :slight_smile: :heartbeat:

He couldn’t have submitted an incomplete order because he has completed 1000 orders?

That makes less sense than eating ice cream outside in a blizzard without a coat on.

That isn’t corroboration, my goodness. It is as faulty as logic can get.


its ok my friend dont worry :slight_smile: :innocent:

Oh I’m not worried, believe me. :rofl:

It really doesn’t affect me that your friend received a warning for breaching the ToS. I won’t lose sleep over it.


HAHAH go sleep so :slight_smile: hh just joking

So your friend has over 1000 orders, and you are a new member this month and have no orders?

Fiverr’s TOS: Multiple Accounts - To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account.

The only thing your ‘friend’ can do is wait for customer support to respond. No one in this form is qualified to answer you. We do not know what CS will rule.

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