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My friend gigs dropped from first page to last page

My friend has lost his position with one bad review he just disappeared from search result he has earned 41000usd in around 6 months, i am 55billion percent sure the services he offered were remarkable. For example a project on which other sellers would have charged 200 usd he upsold his services and charged upto 2300 usd for some orders just because of his remarkable portfolio and convicing attitude towards buyers and they did pay him 10-15 times more charges wheras if it were any other seller he would have charged only 300 usd. Point is that he really knows how to upsell his services and he was doing outstanding on first page but now there are seller who in my opinion are costing fiverr alot due to 30-40 usd basic selling packages and they dont even know how to upsell their services like my friend did , and my friend was mainting his position until two weeks ago . after one bad review he is no where to be seen on search results. He has only done 96 projects and he is level 2 seller so he does not have any repeat buyer due to product animation category its not something people do everyday. So to be honest without exposure its impossible to get any new order. And to be honest Nigerian sellers have hijacked the product and character animation category where they dont know anything about animations and they are only middle men(be middle man i mean they take their comission and do the job from other sellers they dont know anything about animation)… And they are all on top of search results its really heart breaking the one who knows nthing about animations are on TOP of the list with 10-12 orders in que and the sellers like him are just dropped to last page… Can anybody highlight what can be done in this situation … Please avoid this one comment " Promote on social media " … Its never going to happen with product animations so kindly share some other ways please

Its Pretty Confusing…

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By this i mean " for example a buyers messages my friend and shares his project. My friend knows how to upsell his services. If it were any other seller he would have charged 200-300 usd for this project , but my friend knows how to convice buyers and charge utpo 5-6 times more than other sellers just because of his outstanding portfolio and convincing power. So my point is its ultimately costing fiverr and the new sellers who are on top cannot charge that kind of money because they dont know how to upsell their services. They are just doing casual basic animations for 20-30 usd per order. Whereas my friend did charge more than 700 usd per order , now he cannot be seen anywhere on search results. How is it a good algorithm if a veteran seller has been thrown to the last page where he does not have any exposure and buyers cannot reach him and new sellers are on top charging only 30 usd per order.