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My friend has a problem (Mod Note: Please make titles related to the topic)

Hi Fiverr community!
Just sharing some of my experience
The current policy of Fiverr has very easy for buyer to get the work done for free.

Buyer asked me to draw an ER diagram and provided me with requirements document . I have read that document the document seems theoretical rather any real Life project . Any way I decided to work on that . I have drawn ER diagram using visio and delivered it on time then after an hour I see he demanded some modifications. When I opened that it says TOTAL RUBBISH GIVE MY MONEY BACK. I decided to contact him first I asked him what modification he wants then he said he wants some so called " entity communication attached to er diagram" I was surprised I have drawn many diagram I am not heard any concept by this name . I searched on Google it has no existence. I discussed it with him his reply was
I am the buyer . I gave you money do as I say or refund the money . And then he continuously rejects my modification. It’s been 7 days … what should I do
Pls suggest

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You don’t seem to have any gigs on your account, so it’s difficult to see which gig your buyer’s referring to.

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I assume to take precaution it happen to my friend. And he inspires me to do this

So this hasn’t happened to you at all then, and it’s not really your problem, because it’s your friend with a completely different account then? We can’t really work on hearsay to be able to help you (your friend - sorry!) I’m afraid.

Clickbaity title BTW!


Suggest your friend makes their own post and then maybe someone can help them directly.


To recap:

Sellers are perfectly safe.

OP felt the need to “ask for a friend”.

And felt like clickbaiting us.


Another topic with OP fighting the friend’s battles. :roll_eyes:


Your friend should give him a refund and stop stalling about it.

Feels like we’re in the 3rd grade or something.

Like, seriously, no one is buying it!

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Did he ask for the “entity communication attached to er diagram” when he placed the order?
If not, then it might be that this is an additional request and you could tell the buyer that it was not part of the original request - so you didnt agree to do that.

Also, you might find it useful to use this Google search. Search for “entity communication” attached to “er diagram” including the “…” and you will get some results (including this post in number 1 position!) and while I dont fully understand what it is, I am sure you can get the info you need there.


You’re taking me down memory lane, Frank! :smiley:

The backpedaling gets me every time. It’s a shame the friend doesn’t feel inspired enuff to handle his/her biz.

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“entity communication attached to ER” i supposed this with relational communication between database and take up the order and when i placed the delivery he said directly to me "Total rubbish , give me my money , i am the buyer , i am paying you . i asked him what do you want pls be specific . he keep on telling i want entity communication attached to er . i explained him the concept you are talking about has no existence. but he keep clicking on modification required. and now i am getting TOS violation even if i deliverd explained service on time.

I feel like there must be some joke we can make about someone referring to their friends issue - something about an entity problem


Is it you or your friend who inspired you to write the post replying here?

Edit: you may be breaking TOS already if you have a second account.


If it’s your friend’s problem why do you keep saying it’s you?

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it is me . when i got TOS violation warning , i dont have any courage to write any further… ;( :frowning:

You are wrong. In 30 second of searching, I found several references to it.
In this case, it sounds like you have not done what was asked and do not know how to do it.

Refund them now.

Also, you/your friend seem to be getting confused about who was dealing with this client.
I suggest you decide which entity is to deal with the client and work on your communication.


Having two accounts won’t help you much either.

There aren’t many people offering ‘er diagrams’ on Fiverr. :wink:

Think it’s time to ‘fess up’ to CS and shut one of them down, for your own sake. I’d go for the one you’ve got a problem on to be honest.


Da entity crisis is real. :grimacing:

My mind is spinning BUT good news: I just couldn’t resist. This gal is in a silly mood today! :smile:


Oh, and Mr. Finnegan can you help me with this problem? Pretty please.
Here’s 411 on what’s happening.



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