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My friend ignored the completion offer by seller

My friend ordered an animation video and she ignored it when the seller delivered the video 5th time, There are many changes left to do and the said revision in the offer was 20 and only 5 revision were done could the same order will reopen by Fiverr
Please let me know

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Your “friend” should reach out to the buyer and explain what they need. Since the order is complete, they should even offer to pay the seller for their time for an additional revision.


Fiverr gives 3 days to buyers to review delivery and if buyer fail to take any action that order get completed automatically.

Even if seller offered 20 revisions it doesn’t mean you have to use all of them…some time sellers get things right on 1st shots and buyers marked it complete without using any other revisions !

Since the order is already completed I would be agree with @j6nyc6 that buyer should offer to pay extra to get revised video !

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Geez. 20 revisions offered and 5 actually done?

A competent seller would never even offer 20 revisions and a buyer who actually clearly communicates what they require would never seek out a seller who offers that many revisions.


what if he cancel the offer for revised video all the loss would be beared by the buyer itself as the video is incomplete and the amount is also huge @surajrenuka

There are a few responsibilities on shoulder of sellers and buyers both ! And both should take care of their part,
So here fiverr gave 3 days and buyer failed to do his part !
If amount is huge then care should be taken, but seems like buyer failed and now he/she should be ready to face consequences !
Seller have all the rights not to take new order…

In this case a simplest solution is to buy a source file from seller and move on with another seller !

As far as I know, once an order has been marked as complete, it can’t be opened again.

Your friend can message the seller and ask them to keep working on the video, but it’s up to the seller to accept or not.

Perhaps your friend can rethink the way they communicate, too. 5 revisions should have been enough for the video to be finished to your friend’s liking, so either the seller is making a mistake after mistake (or ignoring your friend’s instructions), or your friend is unable to explain exactly what they want.