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My Friend want create Fiverr account

I am a regular seller on fiverr from 2014. Fiverr is my dream. I never thinking to do any job. Because fiverr giving me more then job. But now i have a question. Because i never want to take any risk with my fiverr account. Actually i am sharing my room with my friend. So i also teach him SEO work and how to earn from fiverr. Now he want to create his own fiverr profile. He have different computer and also different internet connection now. But i login my fiverr account to his computer few month ago. Because my computer was crushed. So i want to know that, if he create new account to his computer, is it risky for my account? Because i used my Fiverr account to his computer few month ago and he will sell same type of service that i am selling on fiverr. Please help me.

Thank you…
S Roy


Yes, it’s risky. It might look like you have created a second account, and both your friend’s and your accounts can get permanently banned.

Contact Customer Support, explain the situation to them, and do as they say.

Your friend shouldn’t create his account until Customer Support says that it’s ok.