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My friend wants to buy my service

Hello Fiverrmates
I just wanted to know if it’s illegal for my friend to buy any services from me.


sure he can buy as long as he has an account

@lenasemenkova @marlashtelle1 @maltasun @visualstudios Can you help, please?

Thank you hada01 for this information.

Yes you friend can do this. But after if you buy his service that’s not legal for fiverr. Just remained this :heart:

He is not a fiverr seller. He just wants to purchase my service.


oh this is not a problem. You can use scale your business option. :grinning:

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If he indeed wants to use your services, sure. If you’re convincing a friend to buy services they don’t need just to leave good reviews, then no.

If they want to buy your service and don’t have an account on Fiverr, why bother bringing them? Just provide the service, set up some kind of payment option (paypal, cash app, zelle, vimeo), and avoid paying a 20% fee.


We both know this is about the review and boosting the profile. Which is still fine, as long as it’s not arranged, the friend really needs the service, and leaves an honest review. That can be worth the 20%, and as far as I know there’s nothing forbidding dealing with people you know in real life on Fiverr.



It is perfectly legal for a friend to acquire your services for a job they need done. When you advertise and consistently promote your gig across many social media platforms you’ll find that people known and unknown to you will be lured to your website via the gig link.

Therefore, if it is something that they need and wish to purchase then there is nothing wrong with that at all. All the best!




Depends. In theory, it’s allowed and nothing is wrong with that. If your friend has a legitimate work for you to do and prefers to order it through fiverr. You probably shouldn’t type anything like: “Hello, my childhood friend, how’s grandma doing?” in your inbox, though. It’s better to keep all the communication professional and relevant to the work at hand.

If it’s your clever attempt to get a few 5* reviews with some “fake” orders, you can’t do that. And you’ll probably eventually get caught while those few 5* won’t get you very far.

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@visualstudios @j6nyc6 @lenasemenkova @alpha1kb
Thank you so much for your time. When he heard that I was using Fiverr and I happen to provide writings which he needs for his business. He asked me if he could buy my service and he also wants to support my business. Since we both live in the same area I just wanted to know if it was okay for him.

Of course, it’s a great idea to work with him outside of Fiverr. Since I am a new seller and he genuinely wants to help me, I am just being cautious. (Ps: I already have 5* reviews and working with 2 other orders).

I totally understand and I want you to prioritize advertising your gig on social media everyday and people known and unknown to you will come across your services. Once you reach the right people that is when orders starts coming in.

All the best on your journey and arm yourself with the information documented under fiverr’s Terms of service. Keep on impacting the lives of your customers.

Best Regards,