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My friend who lives with me wants to open a fiverr account too


Hi, my friend who lives with me wants to open an account too. She will have her own computer but we use the same internet. Will it be a problem? Should I contact fiverr for that and if yes, how I can do it?


at my workplace one of my colleague also also wants to open account so i contacted CS …CHECK CS REPLY i hope this will hep you . aa

thanks .


Thank you for this important share.


Thank you good people for helping :slight_smile:


Take care about relying on forum answers and always contact Fiverr as well if you have a serious question. You’ve received partially correct answers, but you could lose your account if Fiverr interprets the second account as yours. You need to contact Support and let them know about your situation and make sure you are cleared by them. Once they’ve given you written permission and you stick to the rules hat other people suggested, you’ll be fine. If you don’t get permission and they just find another account on your network you could get banned without warning.


Don’t use same service with same internet connection, both of your accounts may terminated