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My friend's account hacked

i would like to report a person***********

this user is a fraud, the order #FO4B79A86**** was never made by the my friend buyer satyam, username ******** this person hacked his account and ordered $1016 gig with tip and deactivated the account of satyam .

satyam never ordered this gig nor deactivated his account

hackers deleted all the gigs of my friend , he has total 587 reviews and he is a level two seller. please bring his account back

please help, my friend


Mod Note: Username removed.

You need to remove the username as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.

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you should contact fiverr support, there’s nothing we can do here


Go to customer support.

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Visit Customer Support before his Funds Pending Clearance.

you can talk fiverr support and give proof to fiverr…may be they are help you


My buyer account was hacked. the hacker ordered his gig from my account and quickly delivered some fake thing, but I was able to cancel the order in the nick of time. I unfortunately didnt have 2FA, but as I was online and frequently checked my emails, I noticed strange orders so I took action asap.
but I would have been ok if only this much had happened, but unfortunately as I had connected my twitter and facebook with my account, he hacked them as well, he posted threatening posts in my profile as well as to my friends demanding money or else he will sell their info to hackers.
All I could do was change my passwords asap while worrying what else he got his hands on. my FB and twitter feeds are filled with threats and politically damaging posts which I am afraid someone will report me for.
i looked up his fiverr profile, he is from Russia and his name is same as the president of russia. I also got his facebook id bcoz he msged my acc from his acc. although I have all this information and I did register an online cyber crime report, I am not sure if they can do something about getting hacked from another country.
I’ve reported that profile in fiverr as well. there are proof in the order chats and msg box of him threatening me.
but this situation has extremely disturbed me as having no idea what else he got his hands on. i will change all my passwords and up the security in everything. can someone also tell me how to unlink my FB and twitter from fiverr, I cant seem to find it in fiverr anywhere.
i also read of people being hacked twice, so even more scared now if he will hack once I get more funds in my account coz obviously he has seen my earnings.
and also he tried to sign in into my guru and envato accs as well, which were not successful bcoz they alerted me when he tried multiple times.
the most scary thing is not knowing what else he got into, do you have any idea how he tried to get into guru and envato, they are not connected to my fiverr at all. how did he find them?
is he randomly trying my email id everywhere?
some empathetic words are highly needed.
thanks if you read it all.

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You can contact support, there’s nothing we can do here

Sorry to read this, really awful people, digging around in other people’s private communication.

You seem to have done everything you can do already with reporting, changing passwords, filing a cyber crime; as for the above question, I think you need to do that from FB and Twitter, not from Fiverr. If you Google “How to unlink Facebook (Twitter) from Fiverr”, you should find detailed info if you can’t find it in the settings yourself.

Good luck to get this sorted out with the least possible damage! :four_leaf_clover: And yeah, 2FA is bothersome (with Fiverr, anytime my windows did update, or I shut down my laptop accidentally, it considers me using a new device and has me log in again with 2FA) but a good thing.

Possibly. That’s one of the reasons why we should use different passwords for each of the 1001 sites we use, after all. If only there were no people doing such things, life could be so much easier, couldn’t it.


I managed to unlink my FB and Twitter from Fiverr through the FB Twitter apps, but it still looks like it’s connected, I mean I don’t see a plus symbol like in other apps. However, I will try my best to make sure it’s not.
thank you for your words, they help a lot.
yeah, I always had this thought in the back of my mind to change all passwords keep them different, but never got around to it. looks like this is the price I pay.
about the 2FA, I had the same problem of the hassle of it all. but now I’ve enabled it for all my accounts everywhere. better be annoyed than sorry I guess.
and I did submit a request in Fiverr support for this mess. hope something of value comes out of it, although I don’t know what I want them to do now.
thank you all for reading and responding.