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My Friend's Account has been HACKED!

My friend call me today morning and said that his account has been hacked. The email ID and the Password have been changed. He has been submit a request to support team but did not get any answer from there until now. Within 24 hours the hacker will be able to transfer the amount.

My friend’s user ID - FRAGGLESROCK. Please if anyone from fiverr support team see this post. Please help him to recover his account.

Your friend must immediately change all the passwords that can be used fraudulently: Google, Paypal, Facebook.

Reply to @mark74: Thank You for your advice. What can be done with the fiverr account now. Within 24 hours all his earnings will be loose. Give any suggestion on that.

Reply to @kousik306:

Your “friend” needs to contact Fiverr Support

If it was hacked you can do the following: Message the user (open a new account and contact him with your friends account)

Next: ask him for a service and that you will ay $100.00 for it.

Keep on messaging to distract him until fiverr can handle it.

Best Of Luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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