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My friends was seller and banned by fiverr on false complaint without any verification from chat


My friend shared her experience with me that she was a seller, a buyer requested her a projected on which she worked, and provided the samples, once agreed the buyer told that he will place the order of $25, and then he placed incomplete order i.e without giving the order requirements, my friend nudged him but he excused that it may be a system fault. All the chat between them is on record. Still the fiverr blocked her account as the buyer may have complaint. The fiverr also cancelled her $50 ongoing order and mailed that funds in account will be transferred to her after 90 days.

If this is the behavior and attitude of fiverr with seller then I doubt that no one can trust fiverr that their funds are safe and they are secure and will work on this platform as a seller.

I am expecting a positive response from team fiverr on this issue.





First we all suspect you are the friend. It’s ok if you are, we understand.

Second, there is not enough information for us to give an answer. You have not mentioned why they blocked your account. Having an order that did not start due to no requirements filled in will not cause an account to be blocked.

It would be helpful if you told us why the buyer complained.


I have had such an experience with fiverr. As a seller, they would NEVER take your side on an issue. However your friend can contactthem, and they might reinstate the account. And she can continue selling. The best and fastest way out of situations like that, is to cancel the order and let the buyer go with their money. Sometimes you can lose both money and service, however instead of arguing with a buyer, most times let them go before they complain to fiverr, because like i have said, Fiverr would never take your side on a matter, even if the buyer is wrong. If the buyer violates rulles, they would ask you to try and settle the issue with buyer instead of them to take swift actions.


Absolutely disagree with this I’m afraid. Whenever I’ve had a problem, CS have always been very supportive to me, as a seller.


That’s why she is also surprised. Because there were no genuine reasons and she even don’t know why the buyer complained, if you will block someone’s account on such on false/ basless complaints then why someone will come again to fiverr or will refer fiverr to others after that harsh experience.


Something is not adding up for me in what you are saying.

I can read between the lines here. I won’t say what I’m thinking though.


Its because fiverr will not listen to the sellers


It could have been for a completely different reason, like using a photo of a South Asian actress called Pranitha. Perhaps Pranitha complained?


When someone send an order without requirements then it says “waiting for order”, and you can nudge him to complete the requirement and send order.


No it said in email that the buyer complained.


And if the buyer doesn’t send the required information, the order just sits in limbo until the requirements are sent. Nothing to get banned for there.


then why the account was banned, if it still says the buyer complained.


Maybe the buyer didn’t like being nudged?

We can’t answer I’m afraid, all your friend can do is to ask customer services for a fuller explanation.


I can’t help feeling that something is being left out.


Please I need to talk with fiverr officials here, as they would always send computer generated replies to complaints in emails and will never thoroughly check the issue, I don’t need suggestions from others.


In that case, contact customer support directly.

No one from Fiverr staff will answer you here.


Sure let me call them on my private line and tell them to call you.:smile_cat:


then why are you posting here, on an open forum?


Well that’s good, because the only suggestion we can give is to contact Fiverr support - there are no other Fiverr officials - only us, buyers and sellers like your friend.