My fund withdrawal options have been disable. I don't know why?


My fund withdrawal options have been disable. I don’t know why? There is a dispute in one of my orders, can this affect my withdrawal?


fund withdraw get disable when you have no funds to withdraw
is your bal is $ 0 or negative ?


i have more $1844 to withdraw and more than this fund to be cleaered


ok then you should contact to customer support there must be some problem in your payment method


Actually i haven’t added payment method yet.


man then how you’re going to withdraw funds
they dont provide cash on delivery :rofl::rofl:


Then please add Paypal or Payonner to withdraw, Fiverr won’t send cash to you


Your fund withdrawal options are disabled but you have not added a payment method?

Do you think there might be a connection?


You have to add a payment method as Paypal or Payonner to withdraw, Fiverr won’t send cash to you.


It’s not giving me option to add payment method. I know very well it doesn’t give cash.


If you go to “selling” and then “earnings” you should see some options to withdraw money.


Where i can add payment method?


Do you see on the “earnings” page some choices of how to withdraw money, such as the word “paypal” or the word “payoneer” or the word “direct deposit”? These words are different for different countries.

I am in US and mine say Paypal, Fiver Revenue Card and Direct Deposit.


Check this topic it might help


I just watched that video and it is outdated and does not show how to sign up for withdrawing money.

It does say this:

To withdraw funds from your account:
Once logged in, click Selling > Earnings.
If you have money available in the Available for Withdrawal area, then you have certain options to withdraw funds.

Fiverr Revenue Card

Bank Transfer

Direct Deposit (Only available in the U.S.)


If my fund withdrawal options are disabled then from where i can add my paypal account. Previously withdrawal to paypal account was active but from last 2-3 days it’s showing disabled.
Now you guys please assist me how i can add my paypall account


You can ask customer support.

Since you don’t have any payment methods signed up for it must have disabled them due to the dispute.

It is odd that you have so much money in your account but never signed up for any way to withdraw the money.


If the buyer complained to Customer Support, yes. You’ll need to contact Customer Support, and you might have to talk to the buyer, too, and solve the problem, whatever it is.

Indeed. Fiverr is not a bank (nor a replacement for one). I’d never keep so much money in my Fiverr account.


Broadcasting this to the dark web is not wise. Some things are better left unsaid. :pineapple:


Now the problem has been resolved and I got my whole earnings, thanks to fiverr