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My Funds Pending Clearance are Vanishing. Are Yours?


Has anyone noticed their funds pending clearance are vanishing? I have had several hundred dollars I have earned fall off the revenues pending list. It started with the new 7 day clearance policy. My old revenues I earned that took 14 days to clear have vanished and the new revenues that take 7 days have replaced them. My question is where did the original revenues go? Is there anyone else experiencing this? Is there a logical explanation? I have brought this up to customer support and have yet to receive an answer. Someone please help


Have you had any of your orders cancelled?


The same thing has happened to me.


Yes, the exact same thing. For me it’s a LOT of money.


Mine have changed also - however, I don’t think they have vanished. I have a feeling they have been set to clear 7 days earlier and have simply dropped down the page, as later clearing payments show first.

An easy to check this is to just go to near the beginning of your list and cross check order complete dates with their clearing times. If a complete date is like the 31st and the clearing date is the 6/7th, then it’s an old order which has had it’s time change.


I cannot believe I am the only one experiencing loss of revenues on the pending page. I had several hundred dollars worth of pending revenue that was under the 14 day system erased and replaced with the 7 day clearances. No one else has noticed this. Maybe it is just a glitch and everyone knows about that except me. It is just very unsettling to see over $400 in income vanish. It is nowhere to be found. I really want to know if anyone else has this problem


Hi djricsantos

Please try and avoid the multiple posts (I’ve pulled your duplicate). I have spoken with a member of the Fiverr team and they are actively looking into it.

From first glance, it looks like a simple display error. I checked back on my orders and they were indeed not in the list (you were correct). However, my totals for upcoming/clearing etc were all correct and not reflected from this error.

I have tracked my own clearing for the last couple of hours and orders not on the list are still clearing correctly (at a seemingly faster pace than the original 14 days before the new clearing was introduced).

My best advice would be not to panic. Absolute worst case scenario - you’re covered. You’ve got a list of orders, amounts and all other details - it’s all within your completed orders page, meaning all information is still within the Fiverr database - which once again points to a simple display error.

Sit tight and, if it helps, track a couple of your old orders to see see if your amounts are changing correctly (as I say, they should be and this should provide pieces of mind).



Reply to @ozzieuk: No. It is every order that was on 14 day clearance is now no longer listed. Just the 7 day clearances are listed. I hope I did not lose that money. It is a lot to lose.


Reply to @chaosmagic: You are seeing old revenues vanish?


Reply to @twistedweb123: I have checked on that and those revenues are not reflected anywhere. They are simply gone. I would like to think it is just a glitch and the revenues are not lost.


Reply to @twistedweb123: Thanks Adam. Hopefully it is just a display error. I also noticed the pending figures on the mobile app differ from what is seen on the internet site as well. Unfortunately for me, those numbers are even worse.


It happened to me today. I had $136 pending to be released today and it usually is available in the morning. I kept checking throughout the day and this evening was told my revenue, both pending and available had vanished. I don’t work for free. I will stop further activity if I don’t get back my money a.s.a.p.


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The same thing has happened to me but now is everything ok.