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My future Fiverr career

Hey! I’m Methsara , an university student
I have skills in creative writing and I’m very fluent in English.

Can you recommend me some new jobs I can do here


Big money in online English lessons!


Thank you very much!
Can you please tell me how to start that job and more facts about it.

you can start copywriting

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I actually do online zoom English lessons myself. Make up a gig. (Lifestyle) - Language Tutoring. And decide what type of lessons you want to teach. Teaching ESL is very good. You can teach Grammar, Writing, Business English or just have casual conversations. Whatever you feel the need to do. I kept my prices very low for 3 months. Got set clients and then upped my prices slowly. You also need to check buyers request very often at first and bid for work. Good luck.

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Thanks a lot Ma’am appreciate a lot. I’ll look forward for it.

Thanks a lot. I wish you best of luck!

I wish you all the success. Remember, it takes time be very patient. Also have your lessons well planned to that it goes well from the beginning. Also ask your client what they would like to learn and if they want anything specific, teach what they want you to teach. I always ask, do you want a casual conversation or do you want to learn something else in the field.

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Aww. This means me a lot. May be I’ll try to teach the subjects that I’ve learned like Maths, Physics , Chemistry etc. Definitely I’ll text you after a one month. Thank you !

Just know, that while you can teach math, physics or chemistry, you cannot offer any academic assistance, writing or even proofreading here as that is not allowed.

My son is a professor in the math department at Princeton. I cannot do math to save my life. LOL


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Oh I see, Thanks for letting me know .

go with content writing and blog making.

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Yes, you cannot offer help with assisting them with homework or anything like that! It must be your own original worksheets which you have created and your own ideas for English teaching, NO helping people with school or college work.