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My Gif Animations Finally Ready For Showdown!

Hi, there beautiful people in the world. This is a follow-up from my previous post related to my 43 days experience here on Fiverr. Although I show some Gigs at my profile, most of them are far from ready. I love to twig and turn around my Gigs a lot before I’m 101% satisfied with my work. My first video is ready but I need your opinion about it. CHEERS!!! :wink::pray:

NOTE: By no meaning is this an advertise nor a promotion. I love sharing my stuff and I just love to know your opinion that’s all. Besides if it was a promotion I probably would have advertised it completely different and not just a link :thinking:. Like yourself (referring to new sellers) I am still a rookie in Freelancing!!

Please check out my new Video at

After all, this is a serious business and I love to present my work to the best of myself. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If you truly believe in yourself and work hard enough and represent yourself the best you can, you will succeed!

like I said in my previous post I am not very good in speeching nor am I a Top Seller or Top-rated seller. I’m just a new seller like any of you who just started out with Freelancing and recently registered an account here on Fiverr to showcase my work and my passion. However, since a very young age, I’ve been taught by my dear parents that if you want to become successful you need to work hard. Nothing in life is for free and you should never take anything for granted. Do something about your life. Fiverr gives you the possibility to get you there as a starter, don’t waste it, but put your expertise into action and try to present yourself as the best ONLY YOU CAN BE kind of person!

I’m tired to see so many new sellers here copying somebodies hard work? Happens to me very recently. I find out that somebody was copying my hard work here on Fiverr for not so long ago. Guess what happened to this person. Indeed she is banned for life!! So please guys (this refers to new seller mostly) I advise you therefore to create your own work, video, and content, not copy anything, not even a sentence. This will only get you into trouble, and in the worsed case scenario banned for life. So, it is not worth the hassle. PERIOD!!!

If you have problems with your grammar and you need an English skill writer to rewrite your content. WAKE UP, GUYS!!! Fiverr has amazing talented writers here that would do the work for you. I would name dozens of them if I had too that are very talented and can help you out.

However, I’ll recommend checking two of my friends @ahmwritingco and @maitasun. These two are truly an expert in their jobs. Just contact them and see if they can help you out, you have nothing to lose. After all, wouldn’t you rather read a well written English description than a bunch of words that make you confused as a buyer? I certainly would. Your conversion rate will increase by 20% if you have a well-established Gig to show to your clients. including great content, video, and your (OWN) created Images. I certainly would buy from you!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just finished my first video related to my Gif Animations, and more will follow. Please, I need your honest opinion and tell me if it is catchy enough and relevant to my Gig? After all, my taste or point of view has no meaning if my buyers don’t like my intro video? Therefore I hope to read your comments and see whether I should improve it or if it is good enough to keep it to on my Gig platform.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

PS: Keep an eye on my next Post as I will add videos to each of my Gigs. Thank you guys!!

Humberto your friendly Fiverr friend :hugs:


They’re good. You could also think about creating book trailer videos (higher frame rate than the gifs).


Hi there @uk1000, thank you. Yes indeed I’m working on it! This was just my first video out of 7. :crazy_face: Glad you like it, thank you for your response and have a wonderful day. Kindly, Humberto


Hi Hum,

Thank you very much for your consideration but, sadly, I’m no English expert :frowning_face: :wink: Perhaps someday I’ll become one, I don’t lose hope. :sweat_smile:

As for your gig video, very nice! :smiley: To be honest, what I liked the most and think is the best of it, are those 3 or 4 seconds of self presentation! Very nice and wise approach. Fresh & joyful !!! :wink:

As for your images & gig description

Get rid of “monet back guarantee” and “satisfaction guaranteed” in both of them. Never, ever, offer those. It’s a terrible idea, as bad as offering unlimited revisions. :wink:

There are other little mistakes (in both of your pictures, and in the description as well) but I’m sure @ahmwritingco will be glad to point them out to you. :smiley:


First, I missed you :wink: @maitasun. Second, your English is far way better than most new sellers here, and they could definitely use your wisdom and expertise (even though you’re not an expert :crazy_face:) but to me you are!!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m very honored to hear this from such experienced Freelancer such as yourself. I am glad you like my video. About my images on my Gig, they not ready yet, I just created these images very quickly with Canva just to add them to my gig, as the same to my other gigs. I’m working on better images, as I always do.

Also, thank you for pointing out my Satisfaction Guarantee and Money Back Guarantee, you RIGHT as usual. Yep, I will get rid of those, thank you so much!

Your the sweetest, Regards Humberto


Also, thank you for pointing out my Satisfaction Guarantee and Money Back Guarantee, you RIGHT as usual. Yep, I will get rid of those, thank you so much!

Only three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and Maitasun saving Hum’s ass! :smiley:

However, I’ll recommend checking two of my friends @ahmwritingco and @maitasun. These two are truly an expert in their jobs.

Has anybody ever used the My Fiverr Gigs section to promote other sellers? Hum, you really are one of a kind.

I enjoyed seeing your logos by the way. They’re really good. You’re very talented. Thanks for sharing those.

Your new Gig video is cool, too. The music is upbeat and matches your personality. When you licked your lips at the camera, a thousand Fiverr girls fell in love. :heart_eyes:


And one boy, too. I’ll leave you to guess who. :blush::heart_eyes:


Hi it’s me again @maitasun, check out my gig once more please, I just got rid of this silly Money Back Guarantee and Satisfaction Guarantee and added some more catchy text instead. Except, I have not yet done my other gigs, thank you once more, your the best! :blush:

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Moahaha :rofl: You are terrific @ahmwritingco, It is so hilarious

Whoops am piing myself, hahaha just kidding!! :rofl::joy:

You haven’t? Well lucky me, somebody has to take the lead, we live in the new age!!:rofl:

Hahaha for some reason that is something I often do, don’t know why I do that? I guess it’s a hummy thing?? :hugs:

Glad you like my video. I truly appreciate your sweet response. CHEERS!!

Your crazy friend, Humberto


Ok, you still need to edit your image (the one in blue) to get rid of the “money back gurantee” & “satisfaction guaranteed”. Also, in that same image, were it says “Please for custom order contact us!”, I would rephrase it to “For custom orders, please contact us!”

Your last image also needs to be corrected.

  • First line: “You work with trusted seller”. I think it shoukld say “You’ll work with trusted sellers” (not sure if “work” is the right word, but anynway").

  • Last line: “… and we expanding”. It should be “… and we’re expanding”.

In your gig description, were it says: “I entertain, I create, I Inspire, I’ll show you my talent if you let me!”, “inspire” should be either in low case, or completely upper case to highlight its importance, and followed by a period.

For the rest of the details, you know who to ask. :wink:


Nice spot, Maitasun!

And in your Gig video, Hum, you could change the text:

I like you to join me on this short ride while showcase some of my work


I’d like you to join me on this short ride while I showcase some of my work

I think all of these changes will make your Gig look that bit more professional. They’ll take it closer to being 101% perfect.


Also, Hum, if you ever use the word “Venezuela” in your Gig, make sure you spell it properly.

I’ve heard some people on this forum don’t know how to spell it, and I think that’s awful. :+1:


Ok I did twig and turn as you described @maitasun :hugs::hugs: I replaced my Team images to my Fiverr logo.

A year ago I was still working for this online media marketing agency here in A’dam, but since my graduation, I decided to go full-time as Freelancer. It was a great team though and we had a great laugh together. Today we are still good friends and I still have 1 gig that is related to this company just to help them out. Only time will tell if I get rid of this gig as well.

Thank you again for your valuable help. I respect you so much, it’s just beyond words!!
warmly Humberto

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Haha @ahmwritingco, thank you so much, btw I did correct the spelling in the video. I only have to add it to my Gig once more. Yeah did you know that people seem to have the same problem with Colombia?

Lots of people spell Columbia instead of Colombia. The other day I was talking to an elderly person here in A’dam, he asked me where my mom was from. I said - she’s from Colombia, he answers, so she is from British Columbia then? Thinking my mom was from The United States. I said, no she is from South America, Colombia is a country in South America. he said, oh sorry I didn’t know that!! It was hilarious :rofl::rofl::joy: warmly, Humberto


Haha, yeah. I’d have thought more people would have known about Colombia, though, because of Shakira.

Anyway, let me know when you’ve made all the changes. I’m excited to see your upgraded Gig!


Sure no problem :wink:

Great suggestion to hire a proofreader!

If a seller doesn’t have perfect grammar, that’s okay. But in that case they really need to find another way to ensure their grammar is correct.


Hi @humanissocial, thank you for passing by, I appreciate it. Yea wish more new sellers thought of that. We have so many amazing English writers here on Fiverr, so it is mind bugling why these new sellers don’t take advantage of it.

Dang, if my English was in such a bad state I knew 101% that I would hire someone to correct my spells.

Once again thank you @humanissocial, kindly Humberto


Your video looks much better now that you’ve made the changes I suggested. Good work. :slight_smile:

And your Gig in general looks better thanks to all of the advice you’ve been given. :+1:


Hum, I was playing around with your Gig description. I don’t know if you want to use any of it. I do this kind of thing all the time. I thought I’d share it before deleting it and doing something else. :wink:

My name is Humberto. I’m a 24-year-old Dutch graphic designer and illustrator, who focuses on cover design, vector graphics and typography. As a young boy, I created covers as a hobby. Recently, I graduated in Graphic Design, and have since turned my passion for it into my work.

In addition to being a design buff, I’m also a social media expert and newbie travel blogger. In my spare time, I model, race fast cars, and watch sport! I enjoy life and love every minute of mine.


Let me convert your book cover into stunning Gif animations that your customers can’t resist!