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My Gig 30K impression


Today my gig crosed 32K Impression on fiverr in 31 days

What to expect when you got 1000 impresions of your GIG?

Wow! That’s an achievement!


That is impressive! Just a small point but worthy of attention. In your profile description you have misspelled the word “glad” as “glade”.


Thank you so much i will solve it now. Thanks again.


How on earth do you only have 2 reviews with this kind of traffic? Did you buy traffic from somewhere or are these impressions and clicks from Fiverr?


Because in that 32,000 impressions there were only three sales. Can’t get a lot of reviews without sales.


that’s awesome but in 30 days you just received 3 orders?? i have a gig 1.6k impression over 11 order in last 30 days


Dear friends because of my BBA final year exam i couldn’t spend much times on fiverr, beside i am new on fiverr only 40 days old. So i am still learning so many things thay’s why i accept only those works that i could completed perfectly. That’s the main reason nothing eles. So pray for me.


awesome very nice bro :slight_smile:


its impressive great job


wow, nice to see this


wow :slight_smile: may be you should update your gig description for get more orders


Thanks wpspecialist24.


thanks for the advice


If you can give Good description for your gig, you can get lot of orders in 32K Impression


Thanks dilini_manjula for your Advice. Soon i will make a good discribtion.


wow !!!
can you plz share some tips ?


Will you please share me your secret.


how can i increase my impression?


Wow! That’s awesome …