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My Gig Active .... but an indication came for "update required"


I’ve just created a gig about forum postings.
My Gig is Active … but an indication shown in my profile active gigs for “update required

Let me know plz how can this notification “update required” will be removed and gig should become normal active ?


Same problem with my gig. What I do. Plz help me someone

My issue solved automatically after two three days.
Lets try again and again after a bit gap, might be your problem will also be solved.

me too faced the same problem with one of my gigs

Same problem I face in my active new gig.

Did anybody figure this out? I’m having the same problem.

Have any solution? Same Problem here…

I created a gig today but I also face this issue. Have any solution?

Edit a little bit and update the GIG 2,3 times (or edit in 2, 3 days), then automatically the issue will be fixed.

I’m trying from July 28 but nothings gonna happened.
Another idea please?

You have to edit your gig category