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My gig allowed 1 revision but buyer sending revision everyday

My gig allowed only 1 revision but buyer has requested more than 7 revisions in past 7 days till now , i want to know are few buyers having any special privileges ?


I think that buyers can request as many revisions as they want, and the 1 revision that you set is just a recommendation.

As a seller you can’t let buyers walk over you. If you only allow 1 revision, be firm and tell your buyer that he/she can’t request anymore than 1 for free.

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why there is gig for extra revision then?

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It’s to show how many requests could in theory be allowed. The reason why the buyer isn’t limited from requesting too many revisions is because say the seller is an artist who drew a cartoon of the buyer, however the buyer uses their one revision request and asks for the seller to make the skin tone darker. The seller makes the skin tone darker, but the buyer still wants the cartoon to be even more darker. The buyer shouldn’t be forced to buy the cartoon if the revision isn’t corrected, the buyer should be allowed to request another revision because it’s to fix the same problem.


You should satisfy the buyer through your work.

point is not satisfaction, what to do if its a new buyer and he is doing hit & trail for everything

Politely tell them that, even though you only offer 1 revision, for them, you have revised x times, and that you’ll have to charge them for additional revisions.

Sometimes it’s necessary to educate buyers.


Your can Charge for additional for revisions if you mentioned in your gig.

is there a way to reject revision request?moreover customer care is also confused about my request

@crownmediaa you should try this suggestion

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buyers are quick to deduct star rating if asked to pay for additional revisions.`

No. The only thing you can do is redeliver the same work and explain to the buyer that they’ve used up all of the available revisions.

Your options are:

  1. Politely educate the buyer, stop revising for free, and accept that they might give you a lower rating. If they do give you a lower rating, you can respond to their review and explain that they tried to get a lot more than they’ve initially purchased, but were unwilling to pay for additional work.

  2. Keep revising for free until they mark the order as complete (and keep in mind that they can remember you as someone they can get a lot of free work from, so they might keep coming back to you).


I think after a week of consecutive free revisions, it may be too late to turn this order around.

But for future reference yes the OP should follow your advice.


In the FAQ for my gig, I talk about my policy on revisions. At three different points in my audio pitch / description to I mention to the buyer to read the FAQ.

The small segment on revisions sets the expectation that I do not offer free revisions, and that if something needs changed after the order has been placed the buyer is expected to pay for the changes (excluding when I make mistakes, of course).

After having set this expectation, the number of times I had to deal with people who needlessly want revisions went down. Consider adding something like this for your gig–explain your one revision, what it covers, and what will happen if they use it ahead of time. That way there’s no confusion when they’ve used it but want more.

I guess you’re right.

Perhaps in this case the OP could politely remind the buyer that, even though she offers one revision only, she has delivered x revisions already, and inform them that she doesn’t feel she could make the work any better than it already is?