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My gig analytic not appear

My gig analytic not appear to see it is that a Fiverr algorithm change or what and on the first of this problem the order and buyer message was decreased and I don’t get any order, anyone has a solution, please!!!


The problem with gig analytics actually exists for quite a while now and is discussed here. Also, many people are facing the problem of less messages and less orders. Might be due to COVID-19. For example I used to do data mining on event websites. Most events are not going to happen in the near future, so I don’t get any requests for that.

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Yes! it seems as if both problems have been an issue for a little under a month. It’s unfortunate but we are in troubling times.


thanks for your attention

The decrease in your order completion and response rate is your own mistake. To reach the average ratings again, you will have to complete a required amount of orders as well respond to your clients immediately as soon as you get the notification, that should be within 1 hour.