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My gig analytics is not showing properly🙁

Hello Everyone!

I’m very depressed after seeing that Clicks on my New Published Gig have decreased.
When i published my new gig then i thought that my new gig is growing better. After this, i got 3-4 Clicks on my new gig within 7 days of publishing the gig.
But how the clicks on my gig can be decrease from 4 clicks to 1 click only?? :frowning_face:

At first, there was approx 3-4 clicks and 15 impressions but suddenly impressions have increased and clicks have decreased to 1 click only. Strange it is??

Please guys give some solution, suggestion or advice or should i talk to customer care regarding this? I’m so much tensed about this.

For reference, here is my gig link-

Thank You!

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