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My Gig and Account Rank Down Plz help

Help me a little, I opened a Fiverr account a long time ago, opened the account and gave the gig after 7 days I got the first job, I haven’t been able to get any more work since then, so I deleted the gig, I haven’t received any order for about 6 months now, A lot of gigs have been deleted from my account, and the current gigs have been edited, my profile has been edited, and 3 orders have been canceled, I think I lost my gig and account rank, please Someone tell me how to improve my account, how to bring back the rank now, I am asking for the help of experts, please help me

my account link

Your image states free lifetime support. So I can order and you will provide free lifetime support or I get my money back?

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what do you mean? i can’t undrastund what you want to say, i am new in fiverr, that’s why i need help

Did you see your GIG? And your GIG images? It says on GIG images that you provide lifetime support for free.
If I ask for support in next 50 years you must give it for free.

The image says lifetime support but the description states 1 month. The 100% satisfaction money back guarantee is a big red flag as well.

plz tell me what to do now!

plz tell me what to do now! i am new seller

You can’t have one thing written in the image and another one completely contradictory in the description. That gives the client the idea that you are not trustworthy! What to do? Be honest for starters. Maybe that will help you.

also, has you don’t have any Fiverr deliveries yet you should include some examples of your previous work.