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My gig are awesome


does enyone know how to make my gig more recognized because this week i got sales decline. but when i open my first gig it’s pretty well, at least one message each day…

maybe anyone can help ?? thank you…


I’ll echo what Sincere18 said because I agree.

I appreciate that not everyone is a native English speaker, but for those of us who are, we may be likely to be turned off by reading poorly phrased English:

"we gonna have a little chit chat ok, see ya"

Maybe I’m picky, but that is not professional and I’m likely going to skip over your gig. Do yourself a favor and pay someone $5 to edit your profile. It will be worth it in the long-run.


I think you need to work on your gig descriptions, the English is not so good, many mistakes.

Also, on the portrait gig you have to offer something for $5 and it seems like you do not, so it is confusing.

I would also suggest changing your photo for your profile to another picture without the mask thing. And your profile description needs some work as well.

Go read through the top sellers in your category selling similar things for ideas on how they write things up.

I will tell you what I noticed when I first click on your profile…in the reviews there were a few samples of work you did for buyers, but I thought to myself that looks nothing like the main samples on your gig page. So that could be misleading. But then I read at the end, that detail is more money. But I didn’t see that at first just by looking at photos, I saw these really great detailed photo as the first one in your gig portfolio but then in the reviews all these other drawings that do not look like that.

but I would say for now, don’t do too much other than work on better writing for your gigs. Yoru work is very good and you are talented, there aer just a lot of illustrators out there and it takes time on Fiverr to build up sales.


Reply to @kancutboy: what part makes you sad? All we are doing is giving you some genuine insights into how other people might be viewing things from a marketing perspective. Don’t be sad. Many people are really great and talented at the craft they do, but sometimes the marketing part just needs to be learned a bit, that’s all.


it makes me sad but thanks… maybe you are right


Reply to @sincere18: you know im not often get any critic. and when you said that it’s make me sad. haha. but thats ok now i understand beside your advice is good.


Reply to @jenniferdetar: javanese is another native language used by imogiri tribe in japanese.