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My gig are not showing in market place


My gig are not showing in market place what can i do?
Im create 7 gig but still didn't seeing thats gig.
Here is my fiverr account Please check and help me Thanks…


Maybe the problem is that you’re selling fake reviews and even admitting that you will post from different IPs from various countries, making the whole thing even more dishonest? In other words, you’re offering forbidden services.

You’re fortunate that your gigs are just not showing; the best thing to do would be to delete them and to start offering legitimate services before you get banned.


Thanks for your suggestion but i`m not use any ip.


Like I said, selling reviews isn’t allowed.

Different IPs and faking reviews from different countries is just an addition, and according to your gig description, that’s that you’re doing (unless you have copied someone else’s gig description and offer something completely different):


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