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My Gig are Not Showing in search Results


My Gig are Not Showing in search Results ,


Inform the fiverr customer support service


yes, i submit ticket, but before 4 to 5 days i was send ticket with same issue, but not solved my issue, if yo know info so please help :slight_smile:


See if there is a problem with your gig
See the titles you’ve used right
Check the tags too
If you have downloaded stuff
The gig is not approved
See if you have created a gig in violation of the Terms of Service
If so
Correct them all
Then the gig will be approved
The gig will then be displayed on the search pages


So exactly fiverr support replied to you?

Maybe there is no issue at all? Do you also have impressions on zero? If you do have impressions that means that someone is still can find your gig in the search and it just might be on the last pages. (Especially if you are a new seller or if you have bad statistics)


Hello. Have you look for it in all pages? Maybe there isnt in the first page but maybe on the second etc…

Maria S.