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My gig being removed by fiverr due to general TOS violation

My gig being removed by fiverr due to general TOS violation when i have an active order on the gig what will happen to my order? cancel or not ? second thing was it first warning from fiverr for my account plz telll me about this

They already told you everything in the email and in their TOS that you broke. So it make sense for you to read them again.

As for your order: if the service that you are providing doesn’t violate their TOS then your order wouldn’t be cancelled.

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Yes, cancel. If your gig is a violation, then doing an order for that gig would also be a violation.

Follow the ToS and behave ethically and then you want have a problem.

Thanks for reply but i completed order successfully. no problem what’s so ever

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I mention above i violate general tos violation nothing more then that. But when they denied my gig but my order still active and i complete it successfully. so the result is on the violation General TOS they won’t your order. if i violate tos then they will cancel my order.


i have got the same problem please tell me what happened to your order was that cancelled too by fiverr of not? so i should work if that order is going to give me the payment.

continue your work your order won’t be cancel you will get money if you complete order