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My gig button retake test button is not working and also publish gig is also not working


Perhaps, if you failed a basic English test, than the English-based service that you are offering is not a service that you have the skills to offer. Perhaps you need to either wait, or find a different service that doesn’t rely upon English language skills that you do not possess to a level necessary to offer that service.

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I am having exactly the same problem. I was taking the test when suddenly my internet stopped working. I reconnected and it started showing this. None of the buttons is working. Meanwhile I took other tests and scored pretty well but I’m stuck here and cannot publish my gig. please help!


You can try again tomorrow.


I’ve tried after more than 24 hrs and it is still the same!

You have two chances to pass the test. If you’ve used both (including the disconnect) you have two options: wait for the counter to rest, or contact Customer Support.

nope i just got one chance haven’t used the second

Please help me out! I can’t publish my gig. It has been more than two days and I can’t retake the test and so my gig is stuck there in the drafts!

We on the forum are not Fiverr tech support. If you want further help, you’ll need to contact customer support.

Same this happend my internet connection got lost i came back and then again started from the same spot i left but connectivity error was there so i again lost the test now its not working my test score even shows 0 score no time spent and retake option is not working what should i do now??

if i use two chances how many days i wait???

Three months, so about 90 days.

the same problem is with my gig. is there any other way to retake test?

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Hi I am facing the same issue.I Scored 7/10 But Still facing the same issue can you help

I completed it tomorrow, 25/40 succes, ect.
Error 211. Reported to the customer support, but still nothing…

It may take 10 days before Fiverr is able to respond. They are busy, and understaffed. Please be patient.

I will be, thank you :slight_smile:

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what’s categories gig you created?

what’s type categories your gig was?

I am facing the same problem