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My gig can be viewed by people from my country only?

I hope you all are doing great.

Dear fiverr members i am a newbie. As i was sharing my Gigs with my friends for promotion etc. i came to know that my friends who are from different country can only view my gig from browser incognito mode. However, everyone else from my country can open the same link from normal browser.
Is this some issue from my end, or is it a issue that everyone face.

Your guidance on this matter is highly apprecciated.
Thanks in advance

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You have three gigs in your profile, which one is supposedly not showing?

If it’s the ‘assignment’ one, it’s because it’s against the ToS and you should remove it immediately.

Terms of Service

Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:

  • Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers

Oh i didnt really knew about it… I saw numerous gigs of such nature.
Thanks for telling me about it.

Bookkeeping gig is not opening normally. Person has to open it in incognito mode.

It’s important to take time to read the ToS. You agreed to them when you signed up, and there are many records of people getting in trouble for breaking them because they didn’t know them.

As for your gig, not sure. If you move this thread into the “Improve My Gig” category, you can provide the link here so that it can be tested.


Yes you are right.

Really appreciate your help.