My gig canceled by the buyer..?



Same buyer canceled two times the gig he ordered, one after the work was delivered ( more than 3 days) and the other one he canceled today ( today was the deliver time), when i search for the buyer it says that this account is no longer available in fiverr. I recieved email from fiverr that i had a “dispute” with the buyer which is not true cuz he didnt warn me about nothing, and i lost 44usd.

What should i do or is there anything to be done ?


Reply to @ardiannura: you may need to go read the terms of service for the appstore…are paid reviews allowed? Many times paid reviews are not allowed on third party sites like Amazon, or selling likes or followers on facebook, twitter, etc…there is a lot of bad behavior going on with this stuff and the third party sites are cracking down, as well as there are many stolen credit cards and hacked accounts being used to pay for this stuff that is not legit.

Have you read some articles such as this, how Apple is cracking down on it


They bought ‘ratings for apps in appstore’, i have two extras in my gig, first time he ordered an extra gig (25usd), second time he ordered both of extras (30usd), i guess he was pretty sure what he was doing.

So this means i did 44 usd job for free and fiverr won’t do nothing to get them back ?


If an account is no longer available, it usually means it was suspended or shut down by Fiverr for suspicious activity.

It sounds like one thing is that maybe the buyer was trying to scam you (it happens once in a blue moon) where someone buys a gig then after it’s delivered cancels it, and in that way gets the work done for free. Sometimes if a buyer is really unhappy with the work and they ask for a refund, some buyers don’t know that you only get Fiver credits back, so they will open a dispute with their method of payment (credit card, or paypal, however they paid), so Fiverr has to let that happen.

I would perhaps send a message to Fiverr saying that you are concerned about this buyer because you did a gig as you were asked to do, but that another gig was also ordered by the same buyer to be delivered today and now you cannot deliver it to that persons account and what should you do?

What kind of gig did they buy? And was the second order for the same type of gig?