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My gig cannot be delivered in 29 days

Hi, I am new to Fiverr, and i am offering a GIG which cannot be delivered in 29 days. It is a bigger project and likely to take 3-4 months. My Question is, how do GIGs which needs more than 29 days delivery time are delivered on Fiverr ? What should I do ?


You can talk to your client and first send him custom offer with 29 days delivery time and then extend at a date date …


so, extending delivery time is mutual understanding between me and my client, right ? Fiverr wont penalize anything here ?

Fiverr probably don’t want you to extend delivery times past 30 days. You need to make sure the gig is something you can deliver within 30 days (eg. if it was a novel you could deliver a certain number of words or a chapter in the gig instead of the whole book).

Also your gig says “Use this Project as your Final Year Under-Grad Project”. Be careful you’re not helping with academic work as that would be against the terms of service.