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My gig clicks views, impressions down

my gig clicks views, impressions down day by day. what can i do now?

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Your image picture is not eye catching, it’s not interesting for anyone. On your first gig, your images are very blurry and bad, you need eye catching and clear images on your gig, that will prove your experience. Besides that, you need to change your gig tags, I don’t have advice for tags with your first gig services.

On second gig, your video is blurry too and your title is bad, why you telling people which tools you will use for their landing page? They need your services and they don’t care how you will do that. If you understand me. Read this link.


Thanks for your nice tips :slight_smile:

This might just be my problem too, thanks for your tips.

thanks for sharing nice tips of the day

Thanks for sharing your valuable tips

Thanks for your valuable Tips