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My gig cover image



I am new to Fiverr and I created a gig. I uploaded an image and it got send back to me to upload a higher quality, 682 x 459 px image. So I got a better quality and cropped it to be exactly 682 x 459. I edited the gig and about half hour later - the same request came back.

I got confused and when I inspected the element in my browser debugger - it showed me my image is 680 x 459 px even though on my computer it is indeed 682 x 459px. Could that be the reason why it isn’t getting approved? Please help - I attached the latest image on here. And it looks like it uploaded several times - I apologize but I can’t find how to delete them or the post…

Many Thanks,



680x459 will work


no it doesn’t even let me upload that one…