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My gig deleted :( NEED HELP

My gig deleted and it had a good rate , can i restore it again
i neeeeeeeed HELP PLEASE :frowning:

Note : it deleted due to it failed pass fiverr review .

Did Fiverr delete your Gig? If so, what kind of service were you offering?

yes , Arabic Voice over , the gig deleted after i edited it . :frowning:

Can you explain a little better? :flushed:

Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig record a professional arabic voice over due to the following reason/s:

  • It seems that your Gig was not corrected according to our recommendations or past reminders. We kindly ask for your awareness and responsiveness if your Gigs need modification in the future.
  • It is mandatory to include either a video or an audio sample for the specific category you selected. If your gig was placed in the Music & Audio category, we ask that you upload either a video or an audio sample. If you gig was placed in the Video & Animation category, we ask that you upload a video. It’s important for buyers to be able to see a sample of your work so they can see your level of professionalism and better understand what you are offering. Your video and audio should be created with high production quality and be original. For more information, see:
    We kindly ask that you consider the above suggestions when creating a new Gig. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Fiverr Help Center. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.
    The Fiverr Team

Well, Fiverr gave the reasons for removing your Gig being the first one

And explaining to you a possible second reason, being it

Your Gig was deleted and you won’t be able to get it again so you must open a new one following Fiverr’s instructions as per suggested by them

Take your time to carefully read Fiverr’s suggestions, specially Terms of Service.

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Okay , is there a way to get it back?
@ maitasun

Sorry, no. You must create a new one.

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If you’re asking if there is a way to access it to use it as a template for a new gig, maybe not. I don’t know. I think you have to start from the beginning recreating it again.

I started keeping copies of all of my gigs text, images and everything in my files for if I delete a gig and want to re-launch it.

Good luck to you!

My gigs have been deleted automatically. Today Fiverr has deleted my gig again. I don’t why please help me. Only one gig is left with good rating and I don’t want that gig to be deleted do something about it. I have complained about this and it is my 4th time but not even I have received any reply

My gigs have been deleted automatically. Today I have lost my one more gig now only 1 gig is left with good rating and I don’t that one to be deleted. Kindly do something about this it is my 4th time complaining about this

@mz_creation You’re on a user forum… We’re all just Sellers like you, nobody here can “kindly do something” about your issue, because we don’t work for Fiverr.

I had a quick look at your profile, and you’ve got multiple gigs which are all offering exactly the same thing (feminine watercolour logo). Is that why your gigs have been deleted? Because what you’re doing is breaking the Terms of Service of Fiverr. You may only have one gig offering a service, you can’t merely duplicate that gig 5 more times offering something identical. You could create other logo gigs, but they would need to be different styles, showing a clear distinction between them. Your’s are all identical. It’s only a matter of time before your duplicate gigs are also deleted.

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contact fiverr support team