My Gig Delivery time Displays differently


I have noticed on a couple of my gigs that iv set it to 1 day to complete and it displays as 2 days? is anybody experiencing the same thing?


Yea…I have set mine to 2 days and it counts down in one day…its a buggy system for sure.


You have to complete a number of orders within 1 day first it’s not considered a bug if you had you gig set at 2 days before and you delivered in two days the system will average out the delivery time.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thats a good point. I never thought of that. I hate systems like that! I had that same problem with a credit card company a few years back. Since I would pay my bill early they kept shrinking my payment window to where I could barely mail the check in on time. Finally I called and complained and they explained it to me. If I paid early (before the due date or late date is early to them) the system would adjust my time thinking that I didn’t need the extra few days and it would delete them from my billing cycle. They had to manually set a certain date and fix it at that so the system would not keep changing it. What a pain. I think they did it so they could get late fees.