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My gig denied by fiverr

One of my gigs has been denied by fiverr authority.They noticed me that"Suspicion of fraud or spam - This Gig raises suspicions of being a fraudulent service, spam or potentially violating Fiverr or a third party TOS."
I can’t understand what they mean and what can I do now? Can anybody help me, please?


It would be easier to guess what the problem with your denied gig was if you told us what your denied gig was about as precisely as possible.


Amm, we can’t help you. Something in your gig was suspicions and they removed it. If we don’t know what was your gig about, etc. we can’t really say much.


Can I share the link of my denied gig here?


I guess, if it doesn´t violate any forum rules, I’m not sure if we can see it though or just you. Or you can post the title and description here, you can edit your post later to delete that part, in case you’d rather.
Or you can try to ask Customer Support who denied your gig if they can be more specific; rumour has it that a few lucky people managed to get concrete answers from them. :wink:


Denied gig title: I will collect targeted email list for you
Email list extraordinarily business mail is presently most basic piece of Email marketing for online Business. Email advertising is one of the best alternatives of advanced promoting everywhere throughout the world and it’s request is expanding day by day.As a specialist and talented advertiser has been working in this field for over three years, I will rub and give your email records according to your need.
Just give me your catchphrases and nation for your potential market then I will give a rundown of crisp and legitimate email addresses for you.

Normally i am giving after points of interest in Business List:

Organization Name

Finish Address (road Address, City, State, Postal)




I can do:

Any Business Email or B2B Email list

Any Targeted Area or Niche based Email list

Any Corporate individual Email list

Any LinkedIn individual Email list

Any eminent individual Email list

I will send all of you email list in an Excel spreadSheet or Notepad document that you can ready to pursuit or channel your information as your need.

If it’s not too much trouble reach me before putting in a request.


Which of the email providers you want to give people legitimate adresses from does allow it in their TOS that people create email adresses and sell them or deal with them?
I guess this is your third party TOS violation.

It might sound to them as if you want to sell emails. The whole text doesn´t sound very understandable to me, that might be the problem, maybe try to formulate it clearer and ask Customer Support then if your text would be okay to use for a gig then.

edited typos -_-


Thank you for your cooperation.


Hi, check your gig if there is any “direct contact” link given by you or any social account link, if so, then remove it, and also read fiverr’s TOS to know about them, after that your gig will be visible :slight_smile:
hope this will work for you :+1:

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Do you have the permission of every single person on your email lists for their details to be shared, and used for marketing purposes?

If you have, then great (but unlikely).

If you haven’t got their permission, then you should not be selling their details on to other marketers.

Look up CAN-SPAM Act for more information.

Yes, other people may be selling email lists as well, but as always, two wrongs will never make a right.


“Two wrongs will never make a right” agreed with you.Thank you.


Yo Sho,

If Fiverr denied your GIG, I’m afraid we cannot help you. If you need more info about the reasons why your gig was denied, contact support for the :four::one::one:. :v:


Thank you for your cooperation.