My Gig DENIED by the patrol police?


I added a gig called Pimp a Fiverr Gig…

I have just been pulled over by the fiverr police on patrol.

I did not know I did anything wrong… I did check their TOS before doing the gig I did not see it anywhere that I could not use the title…

I am assuming it was these words as no real explaination OR link to where it states what I have done wrong in the TOS came with the email… It was a straight up CUT OFF.

They say my gig has gone against their TOS. Can Anyone wish to point me in the direction of where it states that one cannot use those words? Well the message I got was :

"Hi auws,

We are sorry, but your gig ‘pimp a fiverr gig ’ did not pass our moderators’ review. The reasons are:

• Your gig title, description, tags or image violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service


The Fiverr Editorial Team"

Maybe I have missed it somewhere! If you know of where it is written please enlighten me…

Funny though, I have been waiting 8 days for a ticket to be answered for support, but it only took them less the 12 hours to cut a gig off…



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Well I called it Pimp a Fiverr Gig.

Basically I explained in my description that not all people know how to put graphics together to tell their story, that I would create these for them for their gigs. That was basically it really.

Then I recieved the email that told me i have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

I did check the tos before creating the gig, unless I missed after going through it about 3 times. That I cant create a gig called a gig or a gig with fiverrs name in or a gig for people to use the graphics I create.

Granted, maybe they may have felt that I used fiverrs name in the title, ok, so then just tell me to remove it and I would have if this is the case. But to send me that message and not bother explaining and deny the gig. I spent about 3-4 hours just doing creating the image for my slider for goodness sake for them to just boot me without any real explaination. It is extremely ruthless in my opinion. I do think in situations like this, Fiverr should have the decency to explain better then give me a copy of a passage they cut and paste.

Then I guess, they feel they have ‘lots’ of members so they can treat everyone just how they feel without any explaination.

At the end of the day, I really dont know exactly what it is they did not like me doing. Unless they dont like me using the word Pimp. But lets face it, I have seen featured gigs with semi naked people etc. Again, I just dont know the exact reasoning.

Hence why I was seeing what others knew about such a situation and the TOS on fiverr…


It could be because fiverr has a promotion called pimp my gig? - just a guess.


Reply to @taurus_: I was thinking that too. Maybe they thought it was a SEO trick or misleading because of their promotion. Who knows. I created a gig with “fiverr” in the title, and I also see others using the word in their titles as well, so I’m not sure what’s the deal. I would love an update though once CS to respond.


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@taurus I was thinking the same - But you know I dont think it is right, Especially without any proper reasoning. I guess fiverr is a dictator if I am not allowed to use the term they happen to be using in the forums. In any case this is NOT in their TOS.

Maybe the editors just get way to “clicker happy” with their mouse. Maybe having such great power feels good! lol


Well I have sent another support ticket, But I cant say I will hear anything back any time soon, My last ticket is going in at about 10 days now unanswered. So we will see!


Maybe I should make a gig called “I will pimp slap the fiverr moderators for $5”… Lol


Reply to @auws: LOL…that would be a great way to piss them off. Let me know how that goes. Lol.


Reply to @vedmak: Yeah, I agree. And unless I’m missing something, I don’t even get how it works - I mean “pimp” has come to mean ‘trick out’, improve, or ‘make attention-grabbing in a good way’. That’s about the last thing a pimp does. I haven’t personally known any, but I’m pretty sure a pimp doesn’t invest time and money into making his ‘women’ the best quality they can be. Quite the opposite - get as many nasty skanks on the corners as possible… and thus I’ve done it again. I explained the ‘logic’ behind it to myself by ranting about.

It ties into my new-found theory that people actually want crap. Crap with a load of obnoxious make-up to camouflage the crap, but crap nonetheless. Never mind the quality, push out the quantity. :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Really? I’ve seen tons of videos that the actual seller does not appear in…particularly in the design categories and video editing / creation categories. I’ve seen videos that just display design samples or samples of the type of video intro being offered. They generally don’t include a person at all.

I have a video that’s awaiting moderation and I can prove that I created it (as well as the graphics in it) and that I have permission to use it. However, I am not personally in the video (my voice is, but not my face). Will that be a problem?

@auws, I’m with @taurus_ and @musiclover…I have a feeling it’s because you used their company name and a reference to a promotion they’re currently doing in your gig title. Perhaps try deleting the denied gig altogether, then creating a new gig without stating anything about pimping a fiverr gig. Figure out something else to say instead of using the term “pimp” and see what happens.


Reply to @itsyourthing: snickers It really depends on the pimp. Like you, I don’t know any personally but I’ve known women unfortunate enough to get into that industry. Sometimes their “pimps” invested in them (knew of one who was even allowed health benefits and regular doctor’s visits, which is weird…), sometimes they didn’t. That whole concept is just strange to me. At any rate, that term belongs on the streets and not in business. Just my 2 cents…


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: :slight_smile: I knew a woman in that industry too and she didn’t consider it unfortunate. She didn’t get benefits as such, but she enjoyed her work more than a good many people, got paid better money than a good many people, and worked less hours than a good many people. I have no idea if her pimp provided ho improvement lessons. :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Sorry to hear. :frowning: Is that because of Fiverr or something else, if you don’t mind my asking?


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@madmoo Serious! What a cheek - cancelling after delivery, thats so bad! No wonder you were pi**ed! Im hearing you!


Reply to @itsyourthing: ROFL!!! That should so be a sitcom…ho improvement…



Reply to @madmoo: Again, sorry to hear and I hope it works out for you. It brings up a question though. How are sellers protected if buyers can simply request a cancellation after their work has already been delivered (and they’ve given positive feedback)? What’s to stop every single buyer from doing that?

I’m new on the selling side, so I’m still unfamiliar with all the in’s and out’s of cancellations.


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: I should sell it to MTV!