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My gig Denied. How do I fix it? Please Help me


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(The Gig failed to pass our review and are not visible to anyone. Click here to see your denied Gigs and learn more about this action.)


Well describe what was your gig exactly/ otherwise how can we know?


watermark remove gig removed I do not know what happened
i send screenshot please check out


I’m only allowed to give comments in this forum that are a compliment to the OP, otherwise they get flagged and hidden.

So, let’s try: your fantastic gig, that doesn’t motivates potential buyers to infringe third parties copyrights (why would somebody have rights on their intellectual property anyway?) is rejected because it violates the ToS. This is because Fiverr thinks that people put watermarks on their content for a reason. What might that be? Fiverr doesn’t seem to grasp the concept that people who are able to remove protections of any kind from content will make them money as well. Isn’t this short sighted from the Fiverr people? Doesn’t deserve the guy, who is able to remove those protections and puts all that effort in it, to be paid? Why should the content owner deserve any payments when his work is used? Why would he protect something a 3 year old can create whilst taking a !@#$ ???

To the community: is this more to your liking? Go ahead…


This is the TRUTH ! –