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My gig DENIED How long will it take to recover?

butt how many days any idea

Why do you keep asking that? I have answered over and over. It is up to FIVERR how long it will take them to reply to you and tell you your Gigs are GONE because you received 3 warnings. Only THEY can answer how long it will take.



they told me no idea i have ask fiverr team

ok thank you so much

If Fiverr team itself told you they don’t know when the decision will be made, why do you expect a forum member (who isn’t a Fiverr employee) to be able to tell you a date? Do you think she can see into the future?

Another thing to keep in mind is: you’ve mentioned 3 warnings, and that means that you might get permanently banned from Fiverr.


Well, I am an astrologer, but he isn’t paying me to do a horary chart to answer when he would hear from them. so… LOL



Your English needs to be improved. Maybe you are skilled enough to work on fiverr but here in fiverr a good and healthy communication skill is vital. Maybe fiverr CS found something against TOS in your gigs.

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this is helpfull

thank you so much all

As I said if they deleted it for a reason and there would be no point in removing your gigs if they would reinstate it just because you asked them, to. It isn’t going to happen.

And anyway I’m just a seller. I don’t have insider knowledge of when CS does things.

You either didn’t read my response or didn’t understand it or you’re just repeating your question until you get the answer you want.

I gave you your answer and here you are asking the question again.

It seems you are acquiring warnings at a rather rapid pace. If Fiverr deems your violations egregious enough, you might soon find yourself not able to sell on the platform whatsoever.

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