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My Gig Deranked after Limiting Orders

I had a Gig which was ranked on First page and i was getting orders everyday but I couldnt handle them so i limited my gig orders to complete previous orders and when i did and reopened my gig with a few gig title changes my gig deranked from first page to nowhere what to do now?

I am facing the same issue too. I have not made any changes, I was getting orders on regular basis and my suddenly start de-ranking and my all impressions gone

I have same issues and it’s not de-ranked, it’s de-indexed. My gig was first page and suddenly it’s disappeared from fiverr search results even my gig isn’t exited in last page, it’s not ranking issues, it’s fiverr bug and some of seller facing this issues but not sure how to fix it. Because nowadays CS don’t reply.

Absolutely right, everyone faving same issue. Even Cs is not supported us at all.