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My gig deranked :(

Hello Professionals,
Here is my problem please tell what can I do?
My gig was ranking on a 3rd page and then suddenly I’ve got 2 orders to form Buyer Request and my gig goes to the first page and on the first page, I’ve got more 2 orders. I was pretty happy, but when I’ve got no order from my gig for 2 days my gig was automatically going back to the 3rd page :frowning:
Now I have 5 reviews on my gig and other people who have 1 or 2 reviews are ranking on a first page while they are also not receiving any order.
Please tell me what can I do, I’m not sure about editing the gig because I think maybe I’ve lost my existing position.
I hope you guys help me out :slight_smile:


There is nothing you can do but continue to deliver quality work. The gigs rotate due to an algorithm and no one here could tell you how it works. I was on the 5th page, then made it to the 1st page, now I’m on the 3rd. As long as my gig is visible to the public, I’m confident I will continue to receive orders.


Bro the main thing that irritates me the most is I have 5 reviews while the people who ranked on the first page have 1 or 2 reviews :frowning:

You can’t be the king of all and stay on the first pages for ever. If there was that some sort of system, only most reviewed Sellers would stay here while all the new sellers wouldn’t even be noticed. The site would be ruined by that and that’s why Fiverr created random positions and it has variety and mix of small and big Sellers. You can test out yourself.

Every single time you refresh the site, all gig positions changes their locations randomly.

And what will you say about people like me that have over 190 reviews. My friend Fiverr was never this way. My deranking started September 2019 and till now August 2020 almost 11 months I am still at the last pages. I pray Fiverr gets hold of their website and fix this issue as before now I used to generate tangible revenue for Fiverr while providing maximum satisfaction but now the marketplace is dry. No chats no orders… Once in a long while. God help Fiverr to grow and fix their algorithm mess.