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My gig didnt show Any page

Hello All Friends;
I create gig about three days ago.Bt My All gig do not show any page…I will search again and again bt not found. Please friend suggesions me what can I do seeing my gig in the search page

Best Regards

You should check if your tag is correct?
after you create your gigs, then you should promote your gigs
if there is no traffic at all to your gigs, then i’m afraid that your gigs won’t show up at the front page

How many impression you got right now?

First of all search for your thoroughly and when you are 100% sure that your gig isn’t appearing in the search. Contact CS and request them to fix it.

Yes, I am over sure my tag is correct and I create my gig also I promote my all gigs…Present impressions of my gig 300+ 2days

Please try to apply different search filters.