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My Gig Disappear in search result



I just new seller in fiveer, i try to build good reputation, 3 weeks ago my gigs appear on top 1 search result in keyword “Esports Logo” it’s really increase my sales and makes me for new seller have 13 orders on queue but after i updating my gig picture on Dec 13 my gig impression drop, i don’t know what’s wrong with my gig? after this problem i try to update all thing the keyword, description until the tittle and i still got nothing, i try to search on the fiveer search bar, i still got nothing until i try to find my on from page 1 - 14, my gig is doesn’t appear in search result. Right now i just work with my repeat buyer,

Is that something i can do with this ? because i don’t feel have any problem with my gig. i just change the price and change the portfolio picture. i got 52 review in 1 month, because i try to make living from this. is that someone can help me ?


I think you should contact with fiverr cs team.thanks best wishes for you


Every time you edit your gig it’ll disappear from the search for a couple of days.