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My gig disappear

Before about two weeks ago I had the first gig that appeared in the search engine, but after I changed a few keywords my gig disappeared in the search engine, even though I had searched for all the keywords that I had used, my question did that affect it? and what should i do? honestly i feel sad. thanks

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As has been discussed many times here, when you make a change to your gig it can disappear from search for like 24 hours.

In any case, there are many factors in why you rank where you rank and all of those are variable. None of can tell you how to rank where you want to rank because Fiverr would never reveal their algorithm and even if they did, most programs with in have nothing to do with our performance and so are out of our control.

Anyway, if we knew how to rank a certain way, we would use that information to help ourselves, not give it away to competitors here.


But it has been two weeks, and I did not find it either. Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

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Then it’s probably a case of one of the other variables.


And impressions etc dropped significantly

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Of course. If you aren’t ranking well, that’s what happens. You can’t get impressions if people don’t see your gig…


Therefore I can only conclude that my gig really does not appear in search engines, there I already have a rating from my first buyer and it’s pretty good, at that time my gig always appears on the first page with related keywords.

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None of that means you should rank well or even rank at all.

Literally thousands of sellers have a rating. But it’s physically impossible for them all to rank well.

Did your gig contain any links that are not supported by fiverr community?

ok i got it, thanks for the time :+1:

I don’t think so, at first I just edited the gig and changed a few keywords

yes first when you post the gig not try to search in gigs because on fiverr many gigs upload in seconds, so you just calm and patience. :green_heart: