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My gig disappeared and not indexed

Hi there, I have a logo design gig and it could be found constantly on the first “Best Selling” page. It has maintained that position for the last 6-7 months and the gigs under that category only change slightly from time to time.

4 days ago, my gig just suddenly disappeared. I have contacted CS and they keep telling me that everything is fine. Well, it’s obviously not. I haven’t received any new orders and my impressions are down too 0 from 8000 per day.

Has anyone else experienced this lately and what did you do to manually recover your gig?


Yes, I did…have you lost your level on the last evaluation ? maybe delivered something late and have a red stat?

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No level lost. No warning. 100% on time delivery.

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Which level are you ? I’m doubting that delaying any deliveries lately could have caused that/or you didn’t perform any good lately.

I’m Level 2 and all time delivery is 100%, as I said.

You’ll find your gig at the end of the search pages, you can find some other threads speaking about the same issue, I’m facing it too by the way.

My profile is for sure on neither. I have 0 impressions. From 8000.

You didn’t change anything on your gig ? if you did so you can contact CS!

Nope. I did some changes yesterday on it. Maybe I can “manually re-index” it somehow.

your gig will take 24/48 to reappear in the search…goodluck :smiley:

Hopefully it will reappear. I’m surprised that CS do not provide you any information. He kept telling me that everything is fine. How can it be fine when you go from 8k impressions to 0. From 200-300 gig views to none.

Have you changed meta tags of the gig ? People say if you change meta tags then your gigs ranking changes as there will be other gigs ranked on the new meta tags. Share your gig on social media and keep an eye on its search behavior. Best of Luck.

Hi there
I am a Logo Designer too
Till october 2018 i was receiving $100 worth orders with 2000 daily Impressions
But I remember I delivered 5 orders in late and after that my On time delivery goes down to 89%
You won’t believe my Gig impression goes down to 50 per day and inspite of all efforts i am not able to increase it
I dont know how it works and but i am sure IMPRESSION is a direct metrics which reflect your position on fiverr

Welcome to the new version of Fiverr search…
If you had late deliveries, bad reviews and any other signs of poor performance (only Fiverr knows all of them), your gigs are sent to the last page. There are myriads of logo designers, and your gigs simply can’t reach the audience. That’s why your impressions are down.

CS will tell you two things:

  • We are running tests.
  • You have to work hard to improve your performance.

For example, your “Business card” gig can be found on page 32 with all filters enabled (there are 33 in total). So, technically, your gigs are visible, but I don’t think any customer will browse myriads of pages to find your or mine gigs.


And then you have to “climb” all the way up AGAIN? That’s insane. It took me a 2 years to get to the first page of best selling tab.

According to my personal experience, as soon as you restore performance (I can judge only by my competitors who jumped from the last page to the first and back; my gigs are still on the last page), your gigs will return to their deserved position.
However, I’m striving to make it since January, and I highly recommend you to think about emergency measures because this “60 days” window is a bit complex.


It doesn’t make sense to me, because it’s hard to restore it when you have no orders…

I totally understand you because I got only 3 new customers in February, while the rest of the orders was made by my previous clients.
However, this systems seems to be permanent now.

This is hard to believe. They moved all of my gigs to the last page of their respective category which basically means that everyone outperformed me?

I heard that this happened to other sellers and that they restored their gig positions after a few days. I still hope that this will be solved.

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If you just entered this dangerous zone, there are high chances that you may return to the normal position soon. However, my gigs are there for more than a month, and I don’t think they will move until the next evaluation. On the screenshot, you can see the last page in my category.
It has all levels, and the 1k+ gig is mine, so it’s impossible to detect particular rules, which lead gigs to the last page.