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My gig disappeared and not indexed

main reasons are either late deliveries in the past 60 days, low ratings, response rate and so on, right now all my gigs are on the last pages just like yours for about a month and few days…stats are all 100% except the delivery time!

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So my gig went back to the first page yesterday and today it was moved again to the last page. I think that they are messing with me.

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In my opinion, you are on the edge of good stats (that’s why you are jumping between pages).
As I understand, rules are very simple, but they are not published (yet).
I think it’s something like: “If you have 5 bad reviews (late orders, cancelations) within a period, we send you to the abyss”.
And you are moving back and forth because the evaluation period moves every day, thus cutting out the orders completed at the beginning of it.

I’m facing the same issue
Earlier the gig returned to position if you maintained good services for a few days but now I don’t know how long this will take
I was on first page and I’m on last page now as a buyer did a chargeback for the order

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It might be like this, but it’s unknown how they calculate it. My gig came back to it’s initial position and remained there for a day. Within that day I only received 5 star reviews. That’s why it’s strange.

This same happened to me. It was on the first page for maybe 10 hours, but at the bottom of the first page, rather than the usual position at the very top. Then it’s suddenly back at the very last page, where it still is. Quite odd!


Do you have any update guys? How are your gigs positioned now?


My all gigs threw to the last page. Before evolution period it was on first page.

We can not recover their positions back if we don’t get any orders. Then anybody tell me how we can survive now?

It is really scared to me. My impressions, views and click are getting down and down daily.

Need something tips or suggestion what we can do?

Same as before… However, the number of sellers on the last page decreased from 15 to 6 in my category, so it’s moving slowly.


No improvement yet. Talked with support about it too, and it’s so weird. One says to wait 2 days and send an another ticket if it continues, so they can investigate it further, only to say that it’s normal to happen. Then later on in the same ticket they ask me to wait a little more and let them know then if it still happens, and they will take an another look. Only to then again get a pre-made answer from a different support person that didn’t even relate to what the other person said.

Personally I’ll wait until next evaluation, see if they go back to their position then. If not, I’ll have to start thinking alternative options. :thinking: It’s a bit tough decision, as when my gig is positioned correctly, it gets so many sales that I simply don’t have time for alternatives at the same time.


For my category, more gigs are coming to last page.

I have a strange feeling that they are trying different criteria.
A week ago the last page for “Russian” keyword was full of sellers from the front, but later everything returned to normal.

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I still have hope that they won’t end my business with their tests.


It’s not “a business” if you are fully relying on fiverr algorithms.

Business is when you are in control of your earnings and have other source of incomes for situations like this.

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same problem with my account as well, 10 k impression to 0 impression in last 3 days and gigs disappear from search… but no solid response or steps taken by Customer support

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They won’t take any actions.
Try to search for your gigs on the last pages.
If you had any problems with timely delivery or cancelations recently, your gigs are hidden from the front. If you manage to find the reason, you can go back really fast.


Hi vovkaslovesnyy,

How are you? I am receiving order through social media and buyer requests. I am completing it on time. and received positive review and Tip in almost orders. I am Level 2 seller. I don’t know why my all gigs is on last page of the fiverr.

Do you know how it comes back on first page? because before 20 days it was all on first page.
0 Impression, 0 Views, 0 Clicks everyday in statistics.

I am feeling sad.

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Yes, I agreed to you words. I am really struggling nowadays on fiverr.

Good evening!
I’m a regular seller like you, and I don’t know how it works. I was told by CS that my gigs are on the last page for poor performance. They won’t tell you the reason because other sellers may exploit this information.

It happens with me since January because I had many late orders at the end of December and beginning of January. I’m the only one responsible for this, and I can’t blame Fiverr.
I have 88% of “on time delivery” and no cancelations.

95% of my orders are made by previous customers. At the same time, I get 3-4 orders at once from new customers (I think Fiverr moves my gigs for a short period of time in order to give me a chance to restore my performance).

I check my category on a daily basis and can tell you that gigs are moving back and forth regularly.

One more thing. Other sellers reported that even 2 cancelations in a row can give you the same results.

I recommend you evaluating your order history for the last 60 days and checking Analytics section.


Oh great. Thank you so much for giving positive replies.

You won’t believe my gigs disappeared from fiverr search results.
Also I marked one thing When I was on first page then I have some competitors that was with me on that page. But when this all issues start to happen with all then we all was threw to the last page. But Now I marked that they are all again on first page and I am still on last page (Invisible).

Yes! I had 2 time extensions at that time. I think its happened with me because of it.

By the way This is bharat bhanushali from digital drivers. Thank you so much for your kind replies.

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