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My Gig Disappeared From Every Where

Hi, My Gig was On 4th page in Best Selling(minimalist) and was in 9th Page in Overall Best Selling in Logo Design Category. But Now From 2 Days I am not Seeing My Gig anywhere in Best selling not in Minimalist and Not in Normal Best selling. I was Getting a Very Good Response from Buyers and Getting Orders on regular basis but from Due to this issue I am not getting any response from buyers. I was Getting Daily 10-15 Orders and My Gig was Growing Very Fast. In 2 Weeks I came to Best selling But suddenly On Sunday I Found My Gig is no where in Best Selling And Till then I Did not get any order or messages from buyers. I also Send a Support ticket to fiverr but they told me reply time is 10 days. any one suggest me what should i do now? I Have Worked very hard to get this point but now Fiverr seems to put down all my hard works without any reason.


Hello vidvox
This could be very frustrating especially as a new seller, well you’ve gat to put your hand to work, advertise your gig on social media platform and try as much as possible to be online 24hrs sending buyer request as often as you can. I hope you find these tips useful. thanks

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it just a bug … fiverr trying to fix it

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But This Bug is costing me all my hard works that I have put on fiverr from months. And I Am online on fiverr almost for 24 hrs, sharing my gig and also sending almost all available buyer requests as well But still no luck from 4 days.

Fiverr uses different algorithm for ranking gig’s, some time it disappear and fall back on same position. Many sellers facing same issue.

But How about this A User has only 5 reviews and he is in best selling and I have 120 reviews in 3 weeks All with 5* & got tipped more than 10-15 times , I am online on fiver almost 24 hrs. Response Rate is 1 Hr infact I reply to all messages in maximum 10-15 minutes time. My Gig was on 4th page in minimal best selling and 9th in overall. Suddenly on last Sunday When Fiver has gig issues my gig disappears from best selling and also from Search. I did not do any thing wrong. It was My routine Day and I got 10 plus orders on that Day. Fiver is Playing with Sellers like me & its really heartbreaking. I was working on fiver for this time from 2 years and when I start Getting response Fiver Did this to me.

Hi , Does your gig came back to same spot ? And if yes, how much time does it remained disappeared ?