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My gig disappeared from search after order in queue hit 6

Hello everyone! I’m a new seller on fiver; just joined like 2 months ago. I noticed that after my orders in queue hit 6 my gig disappears from search. I would like to know if there is anyone else experiencing this issue and if so what can I do to rectify it.


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go to your GIGS, select your gig and press this:


Then click “Advanced” and configure your Limit Orders in Queue. I think this could cause your gig to disappear from search. If I’m wrong, somebody help him :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I already checked that; I didn’t limit orders in queue.

Ok, maybe then It’s done automatically by Fiverr. Somebody definitely will answer this 100% right. Good luck!

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Did you do any editing to your gig? Any changes whatsoever?

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No I didn’t. I just delivered an order and the gig is back on. I think fiverr is doing it automatically probably because I’m a new seller.


It’s not stated in a clear way, but I’ve faced 6 and 12 orders limit (for Level 0 and Level 1 respectively) when I was demoted.
As soon as you deliver one of them, you will be back to search.

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Thanks for replying. This helps a lot because I was thinking there was something wrong with my gig.