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My gig disappeared from search results

So my gig used to be one of the first ones to appear in the search results and now it’s completely gone. I added one image to the gallery so I assumed it was because of the change, but it’s been over a week and it’s still nowhere to be seen. Anyone got any idea why this happened and how to possibly solve it or should I just wait and hope it appears again? Thanks in advance.


Now you can do one thing. My idea is to go to the fast page. Promote your gig ta more and more

I don’t really have any social media so I don’t have a way to promote it really

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Promote your Facebook account, no Twitter account, no Instagram account

I don’t have facebook lol

I have the same problem. I just changed the gig description. Today is 5 days. My gig has not come up in the search results yet. I Contacted support. They said they would inform in ten days. Can anyone give the right solution to this problem?

You share your gig on social sites. Then the search result will come.

Not everybody has social accounts and wants their life to be private, so sharing your gig is not possible for everyone. Better to give ideas that anyone can do, without having to create any social accounts.

I’m also suffering from the same issue for about a year now, but my recommendation is to edit your gig regularly, and hope that it can also jump from last page to first page, like it did the other way around :slight_smile: A couple of times I’ve seen a slight improvement for a short while afterwards, but still looking for a permanent fix.

Support used to fix it some years ago, but these days they don’t do anything, except say it’s temporary. But their temporary must be measured in years, it would seem like.