My gig disappeared from the search pages


my gig disappeared from the search pages can any one help me to get it back



yes it happened to me can any one help us


You have to contact Support. We can’t help you in the forum!


As a new it’s happen, when you have passed time and get no order, no problem when you get order and good review then you gig will show again on search page.



Not to hijack the topic, but it happened to me as well and I don’t know what to do:

It disappeared from the search results between yesterday and today.

What can I do to get it back?



I think these types of Gigs are disappearing because they are against the TOS of the sites you are selling likes, hearts, followers etc… Fiverr is systematically removing these types of Gigs from the search.



This has been talked about before on the forum. If my memory serves me well, Fiverr is removing all these type of gigs from search results. You can contact CS but my gut says it won’t do much good.