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My gig disappeared, has been 11 days, please help!

Hello community members! I require some help from you today!

I had a very high performing gig and it was always on the first page for the past 4 years consistently. I’ve had no violations and have had no issues with any clients or with Fiverr at all.

Recently, Fiverr sent an automated mail asking me to update all my gigs according to new rules. I promptly did so! However, ever since I’ve done that, my high performing gig, (the only gig that actually every performed) has completely disappeared from searches and it has been 11 days. Had it been 24 hours or maybe 1 week, it was understandable. But it has been almost 2 weeks now. Has anyone else had this issue?

Fiverr support is unavailable and unresponsive. I would really appreciate any input here because as we can all understand, for some of us, unfortunately, this is our livelihood.



Please keep in mind that Fiverr is very dynamic and competitive and Fiverr has no way to guarantee impressions, clicks, views, orders, or gig position.

Whenever you change something in your gig, it gets removed from search. Depending on what you changed, your gig might be out for a while.

Then there’s also the algorithm rotation, which will automatically place you towards the end of the pack so others can get exposure. I was pushed back for half a week, they just brought me back, and they do this all the time…

Plus, there’s no guarantee from Fiverr when it comes to ranking.

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Following same to you bro

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“bro” ??

Guys thanks for your response! I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I know editing a gig will take it out of circulation and then it will take time to come back. However, that is not an issue here. I have been here for 4 years and have edited my gigs before and the maximum time I was out of circulation was 3 days. But this time it has been 11 days with no response from Fiverr customer support either.

So I am not here trying to find out the generic answers. Please understand that that’s something I would already know.

What is happening now is completely different. I have never been removed for 11 days before. I am asking a very specific question keeping in mind that I already know that rankings are not guaranteed and there is a cycle etc.


Your gig is not disappeared!! See attached. Try to filter your search based on “Location”. It’s on Page 1.

Hello! Thank you for your efforts, I do appreciate them. However, none of these are the gig that I am talking about. As I said in my very first message. My highest and best performing gig, and pretty much the only performing gig, which is this one:

has gone down from thousands of first page impressions to less than 5 for the past 11 days as I can see in my gig analytics. Location etc. did not matter, it was such a great gig that no matter what you searched for in terms of a marketing plan or a marketing strategy it was showing on the first page throughout the world as I used to get lots of queries per day. I also do not have any complaints about location specificity. Even if it is now restricted to a location I am OK with that.

What I am trying to understand is why has it disproportionately gone from 200 to 300 impressions per day to 5 impressions per day. Again, I would like to mention that I have been looking at my data for 4 years now and this has never happened before. Even when it got out of circulation before it still got impressions in upper double digits.

The gig that you have found are still showing and I have no issues with those gigs, but those gigs are not the ones that got me any business.

The gig that I have lost is the one which got me an insane amount of business in the past. So I hope you can understand why I was so concerned.

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The only reason which I can think off :
“You have created many duplicates of the same gig”.

Fiverr doesn’t allow multiple copies of the same gig to be created on any profile. If the CS finds it, you will be asked to keep either one of these and the rest will suspended/removed !!

Communicate with the support regarding this. (They will definitely respond)
Note: If you have received an auto-reply from the support then please wait. If they are not responding, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t looked into your query. Someone from the support might have looked into your query but haven’t assigned an agent to your ticket. Once an agent is assigned, your query will be responded.

Copy of an auto-response is attached for you!! (do read, various indicators are mentioned in the auto-reply).

Hope it helps!!


Hi Akshat,

I totally understand you. You’re correct, it is not an issue of ranking or rotation.

The same happened to me after also updating my two gigs after receiving those emails from customer support that asked me to update them.

The gigs because un-indexed, therefore are not searchable.

I messaged customer support and they confirmed that they were un-indexed while awaiting approval after I had made the changes. I was very worried as my gigs were never off page 1, and I kind of assumed they might never reappear.

However, at this point, Customer Support was great and they reappeared within an hour of my request. I then received a message advising me that they had now been re-indexed and they took exactly the same ranking as before.

It appears that action is required on Fiverr’s part to review your gig and approve it due to the changes (that you only made to satisfy their system!). How annoying and deeply worrying for you. Keep trying with Customer Support and maybe message one more time being very clear and specific that you need the gig to be reviewed and ‘re-indexed’ so that it appears in search.

I am rooting for you… I’d be very worried too.



I also facing same issue, My best performing GIG disappeared just 2 days after I started Promoting my Gig as Fiverr given me at Level 2.
It’s 3 Days, still no come back

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thanks! I did look at this option of multiple gig issues, but I’ve had these multiple gigs for a long time and only 1 of them works, so I completely understand and agree. However, I don’t think this is the current problem.

Someone else just responded with an “un-indexing” issue and I think that’s whats happeend. However, I do appreciate your effort in helping me thank you so much for finding my gigs as well as I See that you found the correct one also.


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Thank you so much for your response! This does make a lot of sense. I’m just hoping customer support gets back to me soon. Have been waiting over a week now.


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same problem face in many seller wait at list 14 days and check your gig statues activity

It can be a competitive affair

I feel the same problem for more than 3 months. I contacted the support team several time but didn’t get a good result.

probably a dumb question but i’m curious, what did you change about your gig when told to do so?

Fiverr asked me (and everyone I think) to update some details about all my Gigs. These were different for each Gig. However in general it was a “category” or “industry” or “language” based update. None of my gigs worked anyway, it was only ONE gig that ever worked and it was the one that got affected.

thanks for clarification, I was curious and sort of hoping it would be something super obvious that caused the problem, and therefore be reversed. doesn’t sound like it though sadly.