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My gig disappeared totally from first page suddenly!

hello i am a new seller my gig was in first page . got 4 knocks but sadly could’nt covert them t order now my gig is dissappeard!! what can i do!!! impressions are also getting low!!! i share my gig on social media


I see you have been on Fiverr since April of this year. Fiverr promotes new sellers for about a month by placing their gigs on the first pages in search. After that your gigs, like the rest of ours is placed in the search according to the Fiverr algorithm.

This statement is from TOS.


@vickiespencer I am aware about the algorithm, just wanted to ask what can we do to bounce back? How can we offer good service when we are not getting any orders? How can we respond fast when there are no new messages?


You’re right!
[It’s the second month with no one order]

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If you got any chances to growup and you can’t grow so your gig will be disappeared. And you lost your gig fronk first page or low impressions also so you have recustomize you gig first to get more chances.

Thanks you


You can not “bounce” back. It happens slowly. You will need to be patient.


Momentum is very much a real thing on Fiverr, and trying to change negative momentum is definitely not easy, but doable.

The difficulty with being a brand new seller is that you don’t have a track record of good reviews or happy customers for potential buyers to view, so you must heavily depend upon creating as good a gig page as possible to attract a buyer enough to take a gamble on an unknown seller.


@pvitalsolutions, @enunciator is right.

Unfortunately, your overall reviews average 4.7. When buyers have over 62,000 other choices for data entry, why should they choose you? I do not say that to be mean. I say it to make you realize you need to overcome your reviews. @enunciator gave you some advice for what you can do.

I just looked at your profile. There is nothing that says, “Wow, this is an awesome gig image, I think I will check it out!”

Also, you offer unlimited revisions. To buyers that looks like you are desperate for business and thus not someone, they may want to work with. Set a reasonable number of revisions.

I clicked on your data entry gig. It does not have anything that would let me know how much time I get for $5. Most sellers say how many hours of work the buyer can expect to get.

You also offer a lot of different services in your data entry gig. It may be best to narrow that list down. I do not understand what data scraping and scraping have to do with data entry. Maybe you need another gig for that.

They looking at your level 2 competitors that have 100s of sales and see how you can improve your gigs and profile to look more like there’s but do not copy anyone.


I was primarily addressing the OP and didn’t notice Pvitalsolutions post. :sweat_smile:

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He addressed me specifically, so I responded and since you had made such good points with the OP I took advantage of that.


Thanks for explaining @vickiespencer and @enunciator so well. Suppose, I have a attractive gig, in demand service but my gig fell to page 6 or below, then what can we do? Keep in mind, gig is attractive, rating is good etc? Thanks for clarifying.

I took a quick glance at your profile.

You currently only have 3 gigs active and the most reviewed gig only has 22 reviews, but your profile has 164 reviews total, which is even more than I have.

It is obvious that you either paused or deleted the gig/gigs in which you received the majority of your orders and reviews. Is there any reason for that? If it is to hide the 4 negative reviews that they received, then that might not be reason enough for taking them down as they were your better performing gigs.

Your prices are low. Very very low. You also offer unlimited revisions in 2 of your 3 gigs which is always a bad idea. There comes a point in a seller who’s racked up enough reviews and levels that they should take strong consideration in reevaluating the price of their services and attempt to attract a higher level of potential clientele.

It can be nerve-racking to do and sellers regularly worry over losing old clientele, but your last delivery was 3 months ago, so you are in dire need of some form of change immediately.


Thanks for you Good Advices.

THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY. i understood what my mistake was